First day

Welcome presentations

We reached La Salle in Almeria at 9:00, where we were graciously greeted by the school’s headmaster, Ms. Maria Jose Perez, and the head of studies, Ms. Marta Alonso. A heartwarming exchange of gifts from our respective countries took place. Following this warm welcome, we proceeded to the conference room, where each delegation presented their students and schools through engaging PowerPoint presentations and captivating short videos.

Participating schools:

La Salle from Almeria, Spain

HTL from St. Pölten, Austria

LTETT from Ettelbruck, Luxembourg

GDS2 from Sindelfingen, Germany

Speed dating

Following a warm welcome presentation, we arranged the chairs in pairs, forming two lines. We were allotted sixty seconds to engage in conversation with the individual seated in front of us. When the timer set by the teachers chimed, we shifted one seat to the left, while the front line moved to the right. This rotation allowed us to interact with nearly everyone in the classroom. The students found it quite comfortable conversing with new acquaintances. They all proved to be affable and talkative which added to the enjoyment of the activity.

We had a short break from 10:30 to 11:00, to get food and drinks.

Erasmus+ high level project presentation

Following the speed dating activity, our teachers conducted a presentation to reiterate the primary objectives of the project. The presentation outlined the organizational structure of the various schools involved in the project’s activities. We gained insights into the essence of Erasmus+ and its central emphasis on connecting with new individuals and collaboratively enhancing international relations.

School visit

After being introduced to the Erasmus+ project by one of our teachers, the students from LaSalle kindly conducted a tour of their school building. They provided us with detailed insights into some of their classrooms and briefly outlined the activities that typically transpired in those spaces. This experience not only offered us valuable insights into their academic lives but also allowed us to better acquaint ourselves with our new peers. It provided a glimpse into the distinctions in daily life architecture, which was genuinely intriguing.

Check-In questionnaire & feedback

Once everyone was back from the school tour, we conducted a brief survey to gauge our initial feelings at the beginning of the week. We all utilized our mobile phones to complete a questionnaire. The outcomes were quite positive; almost everyone expressed excitement for the upcoming week and a keen interest in getting to know one another better, as well as immersing themselves in a new culture. We are all eagerly anticipating a fantastic week and a productive collaboration with our counterparts from Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, and Austria.

Starting with the working groups

Our tutors introduced us to our assigned groups and provided guidance on our reporting group’s objectives. All groups were tasked with coming up with a suitable name for their group.

After some discussion,

  • “Green Union” was chosen as the name for the “Social Media” group.
  • “The Report Rangers” was chosen as the name for the “Reporting” group.
  • “Slide Masters” was chosen as the name for the “Power Point” group.
  • “The great Photengers” was chosen as the name for the “Photo & Collage” group.
  • “Erasmuscamcrew” was chosen as the name for the “Video” group.

With their group identity established, all groups enthusiastically began the process of crafting their daily report.

City Rally

After lunch, we reconvened in our respective teams and were provided with a map of Almeria. Using this map, our task was to visit various locations and capture photographs of ourselves at each site. At certain locations, we were even tasked with locating a specific word or letter and recording it on paper. We successfully located all the designated places and captured the required photos. The Spanish students also provided us with additional insights about the city and its local attractions. It was an enjoyable experience getting acquainted with a new city.

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