Third day

Recap of the day before:

In the morning, we kick-started our day with brief team presentations. Each team highlighted their current work and recapped the previous day’s achievements. For instance, the presentation team used a PowerPoint, the photography team showcased a creative collage, and the video team shared a succinct video.

This practice took around 20 minutes and received a positive response from all participants. As a result, we’ve decided to continue this daily ritual for the next week, as it not only sets a productive tone for the day but also enhances team unity and collaboration.

Sniffer Bike Workshop

Initially, we had the customary recap, followed by the first workshop of the day. The instructor introduced us to the concept of measurement parameters. Subsequently, we conducted research on various parameters such as CO & CO2, Fine Dust, and more. Each group was assigned a specific parameter to gather information about. Afterwards, each group presented their findings and ideas to the others. This information will prove essential for later use with the sensors in the sniffer bike. I believe we’ve all acquired new knowledge and are prepared for our inaugural measurements.

Green Mobility Company Workshop

La Salle students delivered an insightful PowerPoint presentation on the positive implications of commuting to school for both health and the environment. Engaging in regular exercise not only promotes psychological well-being but also contributes to improved physical health. It bolsters the immune system and enhances cardiovascular health. Moreover, opting for eco-friendly transportation methods, such as biking to school, reduces carbon emissions, thereby combating climate change. The presentation also addressed safety concerns when cycling to school, emphasizing the importance of choosing low-traffic routes and using essential equipment like lamps, helmets, reflectors, and more. After that, we began by assessing our individual carbon footprints. Subsequently, we delved into an engaging Kahoot quiz focused on the UN’s Global Goals. Following the Kahoot, we were presented with thought-provoking questions that we had to answer by creating our own small drawings. To conclude, we participated in a second Kahoot session, this time centered around cycling and recycling.

University Tour

After lunch we took a bus and went to the UAL, University of Almería, there we were given a little presentation by our Spanish mates about the goals of the Erasmus+ project. They explained the meaning, the repartition of the project, etc. A worker and organizer from the university also came to attend this talk and learn what we have been doing during the week.

Presentation of Sustainable Mobility at UAL

After the explanation of the project by two Spanish colleagues, a member of the University of Almería in charge of sustainable mobility at the university gave a talk on sustainability on campus. The university has implemented measures to promote the use of bicycles and electric scooters and facilitate these services. Good results have been achieved in recent years and it is expected that the percentage of people transporting by sustainable means will increase. After this talk, he showed us the facilities that have been installed at the university on sustainable mobility, such as bicycle lanes and lockers for scooters.

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