First day

Welcome Missions & Kick-in Forms:

The official commencement of the Erasmus+ meeting in Sindelfingen started with a comprehensive presentation by one of the German teachers outlining the week’s schedule. This was followed by an insightful overview provided by two teachers from Luxembourg, who shared pertinent information regarding the context and objectives of the week. The principal of the ‘Gottlieb Daimler Schule’ extended a warm welcome to all students, emphasizing the significance of international student exchanges and mobility in shaping a progressive society. He underscored the importance of technical innovation in addressing contemporary challenges, highlighting the need for sustainable solutions in future mobility. Subsequently, students received guidance on utilizing the campus network.

School Rally

At 10:00, we engaged in a school rally using the “Biparcours” app. After downloading the app, we scanned a QR code to access the course. Our task involved navigating through the school to uncover answers to various questions and capturing group selfies with specified items along the way. This rally was great for getting to know our way around the school.

Workshop: Visualization

The inaugural workshop of the week focused on selecting an appropriate framework for presenting and visualizing the data collected by the sniffer bike, including metrics such as NOx levels, fine dust, and heavy metal emissions. A key consideration centered around whether to utilize a rented server or develop our own server using a Raspberry Pi. To address this, we engaged in multiple rounds of brainstorming and subsequent discussion to explore various ideas.

Following three rounds of deliberation, we identified five potential frameworks: Node-RED, Grafana, GPS-Visualizer, Mapserver, and Next Js. Extensive research was conducted to distinguish between these options, assessing factors such as ease of implementation, user-friendliness, scalability for processing large datasets, associated costs, cross-platform compatibility, availability of libraries and documentation tailored to our data visualization needs, effectiveness in presenting measurements on a map, and overall accessibility.

This evaluation process was conducted in small groups, each comprised of a team leader with prior software experience, ideally, an individual familiar with the sensor technology, and someone versed in neither, ensuring diverse perspectives were considered.

Decision program for Thursday afternoon

In the afternoon, we had to decide where to go on Thursday during our free time. One group favored “Moto World,” while the other preferred exploring “Tübingen.”

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